As you know, many people tend to start a business to get a stable high income from this activity. But, despite this, many do it to… change the world! Yes, it really is. After all, people who create huge companies have a huge amount of internal energy, and that is why they can make a huge contribution to the development of the world. If you hold this opinion, then you should definitely read the following items.

New generation potential

So, you’ve all probably heard of Gen Z. They gained their popularity due to their active position and self-awareness. This generation of young people wants to actively express their civic position and is looking for ways to solve the problems that face all of humanity. In the recent Entrepreneur, piece was published an article about the achievements of young people. Many of them are trying to make this world better. They are making many efforts to raise funds required for the creation and development of applications that would help to protect the environment.

But what is more important? Change the world or earn as much money as possible?

For example, you can look at the following situation. One of the Australian entrepreneurs’ SpaTap projects was rejected by one of the famous TV shows on BBC. Nevertheless, the project managed to attract great attention of the public and even the government. The essence of the project is that they provide a special device for water filtration. According to the Creator of the project, this device would help many people in African countries to solve the problem of clean drinking water.

In this case, the Creator of the project did not have a business education, but just imagine what opportunities lie in knowledge and how they will help in the development of any business.

The Rome Business School Advantage

Our business school is pleased to present you its training program for managers. When creating a training program, we took into account all the features associated with the rapid development of the modern world and its new trends. At the same time, our distinctive feature is the use of applied learning, i.e. in the course of training students will gain knowledge by studying examples taken from real life. This will allow them to better understand the view of the world and gain experience in the real world, rather than memorizing the Torah. Upon graduation from the University, students will have skills that they can apply in real life. Therefore, our students after graduation will have a greater advantage in the labour market.

Our school, located in Europe – Rome, has many international relations, and strongly supports the initiative of foreign students who wish to study here. In a few years, our school has educated students from 140 different countries, ranging from simple managers to high-ranking officials.

I would also like to note that for students of 2019, the school can provide an excellent opportunity to get a double certificate, as our school cooperates with UCAM University.

The modern world faces a huge number of problems. But who will help humanity to solve them? Will you be the one who dares to do it? You Decide.