Dan Brown’s advises for creating a bestseller

This well-known writer shared his thoughts and told how he organized his work process and what in general helped him to gain insight and interest from millions of readers around the world.


Despite the fact that after the publication of Dan Brown’s book “The Da Vinci Code” about him began to speak as an atheist and a man who completely denies religion, he categorically denies this fact and comments on his book as a work leading to spiritual reflection and discussion of man with himself about religion and his attitude to it. He also argues that different religions give the writer the opportunity to draw a lot of ideas for creativity, thanks to which he can write great creations, which can be interesting and deserve the love of numerous readers.


The well-known writer claims that he is absolutely not interested in politics and the issues that are associated with it. However, in an interview, he gave a very negative assessment of the activity of the current President of the United States of America. He believes that Donald Trump discredits himself and his behaviour is unworthy of the behaviour of the President of such a huge country, whose reputation has also suffered due to the activities of the President.

Work schedule

Den Brown very clearly painted his daily routine and perfectly follows him, he believes that this is in a determining degree affects his performance and how he writes. His activities during the day he organized as follows:

  • he gets to work early because he is sure that no one will disturb him at this time;
  • before starting work he drinks a glass of spinach smoothie or a cup of coffee;
  • work he pays about 7-8 hours a day;
  • during the working process, he hourly makes small breaks that last about a minute, during which he gives himself a small break to rest.

He argues that the problem is a misunderstanding of where to start to write, is solved very easy – you just need to start writing something, let it be uninteresting and mediocre, still worth writing, until you begin to bring interesting and fresh ideas, and all that was boring and bad in the end you can just throw it away and nobody will ever read. Every time he starts writing, he is faced with the problem of “white paper”, which he looks at and does not know what to write. However, when he begins to write, he can not stop and the flow of thoughts pours out of his head on the paper. Brown admits that every day he throws a few pages written by him.


The writer says that after he became famous and popular, he also became self-conscious, and at some point he realized that when writing one more book, he incorrectly adjusts himself, constantly thinking about how many people will like this work. However, he was able to rethink everything in time and just told himself that he should write as he always did before. Just write what is interesting to you, and be sure to find those people who also will like it and it will be interesting for them.

Negative comment

Speaking about the negative comments of readers, brown notes that refer to them quite calmly. Quite naturally, he would like his work to be liked by absolutely everyone, but this does not happen and can not be. There will always be those who admire you, and those who consider your work mediocre. You just need to abstract from the negative and continue to do your job, while there are still those people who enjoy it.