I began to spend my Friday mornings differently after I had one more free day. I wake up and understand that today I will spend my time not in the classroom with students but at home, and this means that I can spend time on myself and my health. After I have breakfast, I can go to the post office or bank, and also do yoga. Since I have more free time now, I have to find at least one more way to earn money.

It is obvious that if you can go to work 4 times a week, more and more people will want to work in schools. I know from my example how difficult it is to spend all your time with students. After five years of work, I even thought to leave the profession.

But when there is a free Friday, two problems arise:

  1. You have less money; it forces you to look for a new job to make up the difference.
  2. You still go to school on Fridays, in order to teach students.

This situation is due to the fact that the schools lack the workforce, so the government decided to attract teachers with such encouragement as a flexible schedule. Unfortunately, teachers’ salaries are reduced due to fewer working days, although this should not be in that way.

According to the latest research, while working on a shorter schedule, employees become more productive, sociable, and they have more friendly relations with their colleagues. Given the fact that the teacher’s profession has a huge stressful load, reducing working days can help with the problem of recruiting new staff. It is very important that the wages remain the same, otherwise, many teachers will be forced to look for additional work to allow themselves to have this free schedule.

Concerns About the Diminution of Student Academic Performance

Many parents are concerned that if their children will attend school less frequently, their learning skills will decline significantly. But research in Montana showed that such an experiment with a flexible week, on the contrary, gave positive results. Children began to perceive objects much better and became more focused on lessons. Another problem that bothers parents is that if schools are closed on Fridays, the expenses for children will increase. The only right decision in this situation is to make a free Friday not only for teachers, then parents will have more free time for children and family.

Now a lot of people say that the idea of a four-day work per week is stupid and has no positive points. But let’s remember our history and how our ancestors fought for workers’ rights. A little less than a century ago, we were given the right to have paid holidays and have the weekend that we have at the moment. Only through the struggle for our rights can we achieve the desired goal. If we are talking about fully paid Fridays, then I think that this idea is worth fighting with the Labor Party.